You’re Invited to Envision


We envision believers in Jesus Christ who don’t just come to church to worship, but who come worshipping as the Worshiping Church. We see a people who unplug from the noise of the world, read God’s Word and let God’s Word read them, pray faithfully and unceasingly, and who eagerly walk with Jesus displaying Him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We envision a church where every visitor is treated as a guest in a friend’s home; where the “not okay,” the skeptic, and those longing and seeking to know and/or experience more of Jesus Christ can get connected together.

We envision a church where worship means focusing on Jesus Christ, and who responds enthusiastically through praise, and action. We see our worship powerfully uniting and influencing the daily life, and ministries of First Baptist.

We envision a church that preaches Grace &Truth, leaving no doubt that Jesus Christ is our “All-In-All.” We don’t want people to leave saying, "What a great church," but rather "What a great God; what a great Savior."

We envision a church where Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of marriages and families. We see the people and programs of First Baptist extending the ministry of the healing power of Jesus for strength, support and reconciliation in homes. We see: parents discipling their children, biblical leadership in homes, and families on an exciting mission together for God.

We envision a church where no one feels alone. We see a people who celebrate and serve together.

We envision a people who connect with transparent and authentic community, utilizing small(er) groups and ministry teams within the church, who care for one another and grow together more deeply in the Holy Spirit.

We envision people who live for eternity. We see people so moved by the first sacrificial love of Father God, and so captivated by the heart and mission of His Son, Jesus, that they respond with sacrificial giving of both their personal and financial resources.

We envision people who refuse to be church consumers. We see people who are "all-in," lavishly using their gifts and time to serve the First Baptist family and ministries and the body of Christ at-large.

We envision a church where people live a missional way of life. We see people who boldly share their story of Jesus's salvation so that others may know him, and who sacrificially invest themselves so that others may grow in Him.

We envision a church who express the love of Christ through intimate involvement within local communities. We see a church who so loves people that communities would weep at the thought of First Baptist Church being no more.

We envision people who catch the spectacular view of God’s redeeming love for the world. We see a church compelled by this vision to take the truth and hope of the Gospel into Saratoga, Warren & Washington Counties, the Northeast and overseas by encouraging, raising up, releasing and encouraging leaders to do so.

We envision Revival, where Jesus Christ is adored, the Spirit of God sets free, the lost from God are found, repentance and faith flow, praise and prayer erupt, lives and communities are transformed, love and joy fills hearts, freedom overwhelms, believers are empowered, barriers are broken down, the hungry are fed, and diverse needs are met, marriages are restored, families are reunited, sick minds and bodies are healed, and prodigals come home!